Pit Express Pass Makes Parking Simple & Convenient.

Pit Express Pass is a quick and convenient way for frequent flyers to electronically pay for their parking with no cards, no cash, and no hassle. By registering for a Pit Express Pass account, travelers are provided with a transponder tag that automatically links to a designated credit account. Once the transponder tag is programmed and installed in the car, users simply enter the designated parking lane and wait for the transponder to be read. You’ll never wait in line and your receipts will be sent via email. With Pit Express Pass, it’s all taken care of.

E-ZPass Users:

Just bring your completed application & E-ZPass into the Airport Parking office to register for airport parking. You are able to use a separate credit card for your Pit Express Pass account than the one you use for the turnpike. See Application

Set up a Pit Express Pass account:

  • Use any major credit card
  • Your account will be activated after receiving a small electronic tag which will be installed on the inside of your windshield. This tag contains an electronic chip with all your account information

How to use your Pit Express Pass

  • Enter the lot of your choice via the Pit Express Pass Lane
  • Don’t press the button for a ticket. the transponder tag on your windshield will be electronically read by an overhead antenna that will record your entry and allow the gate to open.
  • Exit any Pit Express Pass lane.
  • The transponder tag will again be read by the overhead antenna, the parking fee will be applied to your credit card account, and the gate will open. That’s it. Fast, easy and convenient.

Benefits to using your Pit Express Pass

  • YOU’LL NEVER WAIT IN LINE because several exit lanes are available for the Pit Express Pass. Each time you park at the airport, your tag will record your entry time and charge your credit card for your parking fee upon exit.
  • Receive your receipt via email.
  • You’ll get monthly statements too! It’s that simple and convenient.